Str8ts is the next big thing after Sudoku.

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Why play Str8ts

Str8ts is a number puzzle that is easy to learn, has simple rules, requires no math skills and is addictive as Sudoku..

Easy to start

Interactive tutorial will show you all rules in just few minutes

Number of puzzles: 4000

There are 4 difficulties with 1000 puzzles each (plus 5 free).

Play on any Mobile device

Phone, Tablet, Android, iOS - use any device you want.

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How to play Str8ts

If you like Sudoku then you'll find Str8ts a fascinating puzzle. Just as easy to learn to play yet with huge variety and depth.

1 Compartments

Rows and columns are divided into compartments of white squares. Look at the phone picture which has two 'straights' filled in and highlighted. The blue cells separate the compartments. Compartments can be both vertical and horizontal.

2 Numbers

No single number can repeat in any row or column - same rule as Sudoku.


3 Cells

Cells in compartments need to be filled in with single numbers. These must complete a 'straight'. A straight is a set of numbers with no gaps and in any order, such as [6,8,7] or [3,2,4,5]. For example [1,2,4,5] is not a 'straight' as it has gap - number 3.

4 Numbers in blue

Numbers in dark blue cells remove that number as an option in that row and column and are not part of any straight.

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All the puzzles created for this game were made by Andrew Stuart, who has published puzzles in many newspapers around the world. Str8ts was successfully pitched by Jeff Widderich on Dragon's Den Canada (Season 5, Episode 8) and three dragons wanted to make a deal.